3 Ply Face Mask


3 Ply Face Mask

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3 ply mask supplier Malaysia
3 Ply mask supplier Malaysia Surgical Disposable Face Mask Ideal for hospitals, dental and clean rooms, food preparation and industrial enviroments.
  • 3 ply mask are primarily intended to protect the patient against airborne infective agents originating from the healthcare staff’s respiratory tract. Some masks are also intended to protect the staff against potentially contaminated fluid splashes. Additionally, a 3 ply mask should allow easy breathing.

  • Triple layer high performance mask with a middle layer of high filtration non woven fabric of 95%. We promote the use of this mask in the operating theaters in order to protect the patients from post operative infections.
Key Specifications/Special Features 3 Play Mask:
  • Material: nonwoven fabric
  • High filtration efficiency layer
  • 3-ply defense features, cleaner and safer
  • Elastic and breathe-easy
  • Well-sealed and highly efficient dust filtration
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Various colors are available
The Disposable 3 ply mask Face Mask, we offer, is of superlative quality and is available in ear loop and lace types. We are 3 ply mask supplier in Malaysia and It is widely used by patients, doctors, scientists, and workers of various industries. Disposable 3ply mask Face Mask is highly demanded in surgical operations, path labs, research labs, and pharmaceutical industries.

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